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Welcome to the Tree Contractors Association of Australia

The Tree Contractors Association of Australia (TCAA) and its members is and has been for many years the principal provider of “tree work” for Councils, Government, Utilities and the general public.

Our involvement in and influence on the tree contracting industry covers many areas including:-

  • Working closely with the appropriate authorities in developing new codes of practice with a focus on safety.
  • Working closely with Agrifood in the development of new training packages for the industry
  • Contributing to the development of a FAQ for tree work which sets a benchmark for the industry.

The highly influential involvement of the TCAA in the tree contracting industry and our relationships with high profile insurers offers our loyal membership the option to have their say in the future of the industry. The TCAA also allocates work to our membership in adherence with our strict quality and safety standards and our schedule of rates.

To ensure that our membership maintains the high standards required to join the Association, the TCAA conducts regular offsite and onsite audits. Our commercial members also contribute by providing services such as tree industry specialised insurance and equipment hire services.


In the early 1990s there was an obvious need for an organisation to manage tree work during significant weather events. The lack of such an organisation resulted in:-

  • Unscrupulous operators setting up business to take advantage of insurance companies during these significant weather events.
  • Neither the public nor insurance companies had a single point of contact that could address the demand for tree work on a national basis.
  • There was no standard of workmanship or licencing for tree contractors.

Addressing the need

There was a clear need to establish a reliable national supplier of qualified tree contractors for the general public and insurance companies. With this in mind and in consultation with insurance companies, we established the following:

  • A 24 x 7 manned hotline to handle emergency jobs.
  • A guaranteed rapid response by establishing a membership base that could typically complete emergency jobs the same day.
  • An established schedule of rates by which our members must abide.

Risks in not using a TCAA member

  • No guarantee that the tree contractor is insured, qualified or utilises essential safety equipment.
  • One of the highest risk industries in the country, comparable to long haul trucking.
  • In the case of an accident resulting in serious injury involving an unqualified or uninsured contractor (eg no workers compensation), there may be serious implications relating to WorkCover for anyone employing the services of such a tree contractors.
  • No guaranteed schedule of rates exposes employers of tree contractors to excessive prices particularly during significant weather events.

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