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Welcome to the Tree Contractors Association of Australia

The Tree Contactors Association Australia is a national body of stakeholders in the Arboriculture Industry.

Our members are predominately qualified, fully-insured tree contractors, however the TCAA’s members also include:

  • Arboriculture consulting companies
  • Major manufacturers and suppliers of tree maintenance equipment
  • Insurance Brokers

Our mission is
Providing Professional Tree Services with Safety, Experience, and Trust.

All of our Tree Contractor members meet the following requirements:

  • Fully Insured: hold public liability insurance, have worker’s compensation arrangements and are PTY LTD companies.
  • Experienced and Trained: A minimum of 3 years’ experience is required however many of our members having over 30 years’ experience.
  • Code of Practice: members adhere to a code of practice which prioritises safety, experience and training. The TCAA has been instrumental in developing the NSW Code of Practice which is the strictest standard for tree work in Australia.
  • Audited: Each year members are independently audited and accredited for insurances, qualifications and certifications of currency.

Our involvement and influence in the tree contracting industry covers many areas including:

  • Collaborating with the authorities to develop new codes of practice with a focus on safety
  • Educating the general public on the lack of industry regulation and the risks of hiring an unqualified or uninsured Tree Contractor
  • Establishing best practice and benchmarks for Contractors and the Arboriculture Industry
  • Working closely with higher-education organisations to develop educational materials which address the learning needs of Tree Contractors
  • Promoting the Tree Contracting Industry to government, relevant stakeholders and the general public
  • Working closely with Agrifood SKILL in the development of new training packages for the industry


The Tree Contractors Association of Australia (TCAA) was founded in 1993 and has for many years been the principal provider of ‘tree work’ for councils, governments, utility companies and the general public.

Due to the severe weather events requiring significant tree work during the early 1990s, several incidents lead to the creation of the TCAA.

These incidents included:

  • The absence of minimum requirements for Tree Contractors regarding workmanship or licencing.
  • A lack of organisation in the industry and no single-point of contact for insurance companies or the general public.
  • Unscrupulous operators setting up business to take advantage of insurance companies during these significant weather events.

There was a clear need to establish a reliable national supplier of qualified tree contractors to benefit the general public. With this in mind, the TCAA was established.

TCAA’s Executive Committee

The TCAA’s Executive committee is made up of seven people who are members of the Association.

The Executive Committee is voted in each year at the Annual General Meeting.

Subcommittees of the Executive Committee include:

  • Special Events
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Emergency Response
  • Award negotiations
  • Industry Training & Education
  • Marketing

If you are interested in joining the TCAA, please go to our Join the TCAA page for more details.

If you are looking for a qualified Tree Contractor, please go to our Find a Member page.


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