Consulting Arborists – Level 5

What is a Level 5 Aborist?

A level 5 arborist, as per Australian qualification framework, has completed units of study to enable communication of tree management issues including reporting. Our Level 5 consultants are experienced through the practical fieldwork and follow codes of practice and Australian standards, holding relevant insurances for professional liability ,indemnity and workers compensation.

Why we need to utilise level 5 arborists?

Council requirement/ compliance for planning a DA, pruning or tree works supervision. There are many specific jobs obviously determining hazard potential and risk intervention.
Tree valuations
Tree an neighbour disputes
Tree management plans
Arborist impact statements
Transplanting and tree protection reports

What are tree contractors?

Any person who enters a contract with a client to do tree specific works. Any one could be a tree contractor, TCAA members are screened and also have ethical roles upon engagement with a client.
If you wish to find Level 5 Arborists who our members of our organisation, please use the Find A Member search and choose Level 5 Arbortists

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