Service Delivery Statement

The Tree Contractors Association Australia (TCAA) has a national membership of qualified tree contractors that are ready to handle the day to day requirements of tree contracting and also stand ready to respond to any significant weather event. The management of the allocation of this tree work is centralised through TCAA headquarters on a 24 hour basis allowing us to address a large volume of work. Due to the potentially high risk nature of a tree incident this centralised control provides an efficient rapid first line of defence for our customers.

The TCAA has successfully provided this service to our corporate and residential customers for 15 years. In that time we have addressed the demands of significant weather events such as Cyclone Larry, the Newcastle storms and most recently Cyclone Yasi.

Services Provided

  • Rapid “Make Safe” response including tarping, allowing other trades to follow promptly.
  • Centralised management of all tree work ensuring jobs are handled quickly and efficiently. This also provides our clients with a single point of contact regarding the status of all jobs allocated by the TCAA.
  • The membership is fully prepared to provide tree work in adherence to our insurance industry customers’ specific policies.
  • All work is conducted in adherence to our published schedule of rates.
  • Members of the TCAA provide all types of tree work. Our insurance industry customers typically require:-
  • Tree Removal (by climbing or elevated work platform – as required)
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Debris Management
  • Stump grinding when root ball is exposed
  • Mulching
  • Mechanical Clearing
  • Tree Health and Hazard Assessment
  • Tree Risk Assessments
  • AQF-Level 5 Reports
  • AQF-Level 5 Arborist consultancy and supervision of works.

Standards Required from our Membership

  • Fully Insured: all TCAA members have public liability insurance, workers compensation arrangements and are PTY LTD companies.
  • Experience and Training: all our members adhere to the TCAA’s high quality of workmanship. Our members are audited yearly to ensure compliance. A minimum of 3 years experience is demanded with many having over 30 years experience.
  • Code of Practice: all members adhere to a code of practice whereby safety, experience and training are paramount. The TCAA has been instrumental in developing the NSW Code of Practice which is the strictest standard for tree work in Australia.
  • Independently audited and accredited for insurances, qualifications and certifications of currency.

The TCAA Mission Statement:

Providing Professional Tree Services with Safety, Experience and Trust.