What qualifications do tree contractors require by law?
Unfortunately very little by law.  The Tree Contractors of Association of Australia (TCAA) is very concerned about this situation.  We strongly recommend members of the public ask to see the tree contractors’ qualifications and insurance.  If you are unsure, we recommend you use a member of the Tree Contractors Association of Australia.  The TCAA  members are independently audited and issued with an Industry Licence to ensure you are engaging an arborist with adequate qualifications to complete all tree work.   See the ‘find a member’ tab above.

Which insurances should my arborist have ?
The tree contractor or arborist who intends to work on your property should provide a Certificate of Currency for:

A)     Public Liability Insurance in the arborist’s name or the name of the company that is performing the work.

B)      Workers Compensation with a valid current expiry date. Further, the Workers Compensation code on the document should be 95250.

c)       Personal Accident Insurance for sole traders (you will need to find out if the arborist you are using is a company or sole trader).

I want to remove a tree on my property – what do I need to do?
Firstly you need to call your local council, or look on their website, to see what the council regulations are for removing trees.  Each state and council may have different rules and regulations, so always check first prior to calling a tree contractor.  Some councils will require a permit to be applied for so allow time for this to be processed.  An AQF level 3 industry licensed arborist or an AQF level 5 arborist can assist here.

I am concerned that a tree near my property is dangerous. Who should I call?
An AQF level 3 or level 5 arborist can assist here.  If you need consultant report on the condition of the tree, then use a AQF level 5 arborist.

There has been a storm and I have several trees which seem to be leaning.  What should I do?
Following storms and very wet weather, the root systems of some trees can become more unstable.  An AQF level 3 or level 5 arborist can assist.

I think someone has poisoned my tree.  What should I do?
Collect the soil sample and have this tested within seven days of the event. Fly phosphates are usually used such as Zero, Round Up,
Lane’s Tree and Blackberry Killer and Breakdown within seven days, in sunlight and soil.

I want to build but have a large tree in the subdivision. What are my options?
Obtain from AQF level 5 consultant arborist pre-DA advice .  An AQF level 5 arborist can provide a detailed report for the Land & Environment Court and they can also attend council mediation

Can I clear vegetation in an EEC area without a permit?
No, but you can discuss this with a AQF level 5 consultant arborist.  You are required to maintain weeds and noxious trees/ plants within this area.

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