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What are the different types of Arborists and Tree Contractors?

According to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) there are eight different levels of arboriculture education. Each of these levels represents a certain level of training and education regarding arboriculture. The higher the AQF level, the higher the level of education and training a tree contractor has completed.

For example a level 5 AQF Arborist can help with complex work on trees and can provide reports for tree health and reports for Council/DA’s, whereas the AQF level 3, is only qualified cutting, trimming, grinding etc.


I want to remove a tree on my property – what do I need to do?

Firstly, you need to find out what your local council’s regulations are for removing trees. Each state and council may have different rules and regulations, so always check first prior to calling a tree contractor. Some councils will require a permit to be applied for so allow time for this to be processed. The TCAA provides a Council Index Service to help customers find relevant information regarding tree work regulations and approvals for your local government area. Please see the Council Regulations section


I am concerned that a tree near my property is dangerous- who should I call?

An AQF level 3 or level 5 arborist can assist in this situation, please use our ‘Find A Tree Contractor’ page to find a qualified and insured contractor in your local area. If it is an emergency, the TCAA provides an Emergency Response Service which responds 24/7 to emergency jobs across Australia. Please contact TCAA Hotline: 1300 660 379 or visit our ‘Services’ page for more information.


There has been a storm and I have several trees which seem to be leaning. What should I do?

Following storms and very wet weather, the root systems of some trees can become more unstable and the situation can be very dangerous.

The TCAA provides an Emergency Response Service which responds 24/7 to jobs across Australia. Please contact TCAA Hotline: 1300 660 379 who will provide you with further assistance.


I think someone has poisoned my tree. What should I do?

Collect the soil sample and have this tested within seven days of the event. Fly phosphates are usually used such as Zero, Round Up, Lane’s Tree and Blackberry Killer and Breakdown within seven days, in sunlight and soil.


I want to build but have a large tree in the subdivision. What are my options?

Obtain a report from AQF level 5 consultant arborist pre-DA advice. An AQF level 5 arborist can provide a detailed report for the Land & Environment Court and they can also attend council mediation. The TCAA’s ‘Find a Contractor’ page can help you find a AQF 5 qualified Arborist in your local area.


Can I clear vegetation in an EEC area without a permit?

No, but you can discuss this with a AQF level 5 consultant arborist. You are required to maintain weeds and noxious trees/ plants within this area. Please use the TCAA’s Council Index Service to find out the relevant council information regarding Trees and vegetation.

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