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The TCAA provides a platform for stakeholders in the Arborist Industry to have their say as well as the opportunity to join a national network of fellow arboriculture-industry professionals.

Our members are nation-wide and include:

  • Tree Contractors
  • Arboriculture consulting companies
  • Major manufacturers and suppliers of tree maintenance equipment
  • Insurance Brokers

Benefits of Becoming a TCAA Member

The TCAA offers a range of services to its members for an annual fee, these include:

  • Active promotion of your business on behalf of the TCAA- e.g. bi-annual NSW brochure campaign and listing in the TCAA online directory
  • Access to the informational resources and networks of the TCAA- Many council and industry websites link directly to the TCAA website
  • Quarterly meetings which give members the chance to socialise and network with other industry professionals
  • Guest speaker events on industry specific topics which help members to stay informed about the latest industry news and trends
  • Collaboration with relevant organisations and industry authorities to establish codes of practice and industry benchmarks
  • Quarterly Newsletter which keeps members informed about important events, TCAA executive committee decisions and industry changes to regulations or requirements
  • Training for Amenity Tree Industry personnel within Australia
  • TCAA Adwords campaign.  This drives enquiries from the general public to our website where they can locate qualified and experienced tree contractors.
  • The TCAA is listed as an industry body on many Council websites under their Environmental and Tree Order pages. The TCAA receives referrals from these website to our Find a Member pages where the general public are looking for qualified and experienced tree contractors.

Eligibility Criteria for Tree Contractors

The TCAA asks its Tree Contractors members to meet the following requirements to ensure the standards and integrity of the TCAA are maintained.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be fully insured with public liability insurance, worker’s compensation arrangements and are PTY LTD company structure
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in the Arborist Industry
  • Must agree to adhere to the NSW Code of Practice
  • Must hold current certificates of insurance, and be willing to provide appropriate documents for audit each year

Please note: We welcome membership applications from any propriety limited companies, even if your organisation does not currently comply with the criteria for Full Membership.

The Executive Committee encourages you to apply as we may be able to assist you with bringing your organisation in line with the eligibility criteria.

The Information contained in your application will remain strictly confidential and will only be used by the Executive Committee to determine your organisation’s qualification for membership against the criteria. The application is comprehensive so that the Executive Committee can ensure the professional reputation and good standing of the Tree Contractors Association Australia is maintained for the benefit of all.

Each year an auditing process is carried out by an independent auditing company to assist in membership compliance.

How to Join the TCAA

To become a member simply download and fill out the TCAA application for Membership.

Download the TCAA_Membership_Application


Please send the completed form to:

Tree Contractors Association of Australia

PO Box 207, Galston, NSW 2159


Or email to:


If you have any further questions regarding membership or the TCAA please don’t hesitate to contact the TCAA on http://+tel=1300 660 379 or email

Members Rejoining

If you wish to renew your membership with the TCAA please click the renewal links below

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