Or are you risking a hefty jail term?

Ok, you might not be Dirty Harry or even American, but you may be in possession of a prohibited weapon.  As an arborist, your Big Shot Line Launcher is an indispensable tool, but as a civvy, it’s a slingshot: which is regarded a deadly weapon.

What does this mean for you and your employees?  It means you must be ‘licenced to carry’.   You might think this is just another piece of red tape designed to make life more difficult for you but consider this:  the Big Shot is designed to shoot an aerodynamic projectile weighing up to .5kg forcefully and accurately over a distance of up to 30m and beyond.  Does this sound like a weapon to you?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of a current permit at all times.    The regulations vary from state to state, but as an indication NSW specifies a jail term of up to fourteen years for being in possession of a weapon (yes, weapon) without a permit.

There are certain conditions imposed when in possession of a permit.  Generally they conform to other weapons’ permits and licences and may include the following:

  • You must carry the permit at all times that you’re in possession of the Big Shot and be ready to produce it on demand. This means even if it’s secured in the back of the truck and you aren’t actually using it. (Penalty up to twelve months).
  • Any member of the team who uses the Big Shot must also have a permit – it’s not enough for a team leader or the business hold a permit.  (Penalty up to fourteen years!)
  • The permit is non-transferable, you can’t just hand it over to a subbie or apprentice. Both you and the user can be penalised.
  • There are strict regulations regarding storage of the Big Shot. Were you aware that you can be fined or even imprisoned for just chucking it in the back of the truck or keeping it in the shed?  And we’re talking hefty penalties here of up to a couple of years in jail!  It’s got to be secured.
  • If you cease employment as an arborist you must surrender the Big Shot. Even if your permit is still current it will only be valid if you have a genuine reason for possession, i.e. your job!  (Penalty up to two years jail).
  • If you travel interstate for work, whether it’s just across the border or for disaster relief, you must comply with the relevant state legislation. If this applies to you, familiarise yourself beforehand.

Most states have strict regulations on the use and licensing of the Big Shot sling shot.  Make sure you’re fully informed.  Follow this link for further information on your State’s regulations.

These regulations are WEAPONS REGULATIONS.  You cannot afford to ignore them.

Don’t be a cowboy, make sure you’re “licenced to carry” or risk



Disclaimer:  This article is intended to be used as a guide only. You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the appropriate legislation for your state or territory.