Letter To MEDIA – Monday 29th January 2018, 6 pm

• TCAA has found the findings from Aidan Boot 2006, Brown 2015 and Bridget Wright 2016 as having inconsistencies with inspections of trees and audits.
• The TCAA recommends and advocates that all tree be inspected annually with regular inspections ( quarterly inspections of trees noted for high risk and high target areas) or sooner after significant environmental events.
• These tree audit inspections must be completed by a competent Arboricultural AQF level 5 assessor who has significant industry experience in the use-age of the assessment system.
• These inspections to be undertaken by a qualified licensed Arborist and all hazard intervention work audited as part of the those inspections.
• The TCAA has instituted licencing since 2012.

Gregory Van Emrik President Dan McArdle, Treasurer
Jim McArdle Membership and Education.